• Picture of a microscope camera light.

    EDM Supplies and Consumables

    Whether you are an aerospace, medical device, or defense manufacturer, a research laboratory, or a precision job shop, we have the capabilities to fulfill your needs. Our EDM consumables, including electrodes and electrode guides are fully customizable, and all supplies are made to your specifications. Supplies are stocked in anticipation of demand, ensuring that you aren’t left waiting for parts you need now.

  • Collet chucks and accessories next to a brass multi-channel electrode.

    Small Hole Drilling Consumables

    Everything you need to keep your EDM operation going. Our electrodes and guides are fully customizable and available in a variety of materials to fit all drilling applications. Our keyed and keyless chucks from Yukiwa and Albrecht provide dependable performance, and our ER collet chucks are second to none. Synthetic and petroleum-based dielectric fluids augment electrode performance.

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  • Brass, copper, and tungsten carbide single hole and multi-channel electrodes.

    Electrode Drills

    Available in brass, copper, tungsten carbide, copper-tungsten, silver-tungsten, and molybdenum, our electrodes are suitable for all EDM applications. Our electrodes are also fully customizable. With variable lengths, outer diameters, and inner-channel configurations, our electrodes can be optimized for drilling efficiency. Copper-tungsten foil is also available.

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  • Three conventional ceramic EDM guides.

    Custom EDM Guides

    Our guides fit the production needs of all machine shops. For shops with short production runs where job specifications are unpredictable, affordable, conventional ceramic guides in standard sizes provide flexibility. For shops manufacturing specialty parts for long periods of time, silicon nitride guides are ideal. Completely customizable, silicon nitride guides can be manufactured to your specifications.

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  • A line of keyed Yukiwa chucks.

    Drill Chucks

    Chucks hold a drill in place. For most drilling jobs, Yukiwa and Albrecht chucks are ideal. With keyed and keyless varieties, Yukiwa and Albrecht offer precision-made chucks with durability. For the discriminating machinist, ER collet chucks provide a greater degree of precision and more reliability in holding a drill.

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  • An electrode resting on the V-block of a laser micrometer.

    Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance sets us apart. With metrological instruments capable of measuring the most important characteristics of our products, to a microscopic degree of precision, we make sure that your consumables perform as advertised. We regularly perform quality assurance on random samples of our inventory, and for individual orders.

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Why Holepop?

  • Customization of guides and electrodes
  • Quality assurance process to ANSI inspection levels with NIST certified metrological instruments
  • Dynamic stocking system anticipates demand and reduces lead times
  • Consultation with EDM experts
  • Brass, copper, tungsten carbide, copper-tungsten, silver-tungsten, and molybdenum electrodes
  • Guides with silicon nitride or conventional ceramic guiding surfaces
  • Drill chucks and dielectric fluid
  • Low minimum order quantities and sample packs allow for experimentation
  • Capacity for high volume orders with consistent quality
  • Wide range of electrode sizes
  • Flow testing of electrodes

Holepop EDM Supplies & Electrodes is an EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) supply company, providing a variety of electrodes and guides. For more than 15 years companies in aerospace, biomedical technology, tools and dies, and defense have used our electrodes and guides to create their cutting-edge products.

The Holepop Difference

Given the choice between us and our competitors, many companies have chosen us as their EDM supplier because we are a supply chain management company, not an ordinary parts distributor. We deal with all of the headaches of the parts procurement process, so that you can devote your financial and human resources to other things.

Our value-added processes include design, execution, control, and monitoring. If you have a machining objective, but no concrete specifications for the electrodes or guides that you need, or if you have to work with EDM drill settings that cannot be deviated from, this is where our design team comes in. Working in close cooperation with your engineers, machinists, procurement staff, and production manager, we make sure that your parts are just what you need to get the job done. If you have a very predictable production schedule, our stocking system ensures that we have your parts stocked ahead of time, in anticipation of demand. This minimizes lead times and the need to plan your production schedule around us. If you have a very high and uncompromising standard of quality, our quality assurance system ensures that no product leaves our facility that does not meet your standards. We inspect all dimensions of our electrodes with metrological instruments whose accuracy reaches up to the fifth decimal place.

With brass, copper, copper-tungsten, and tungsten carbide electrodes, guides with conventional ceramic, ruby, or silicon nitride guiding surface cores, drill chucks, and dielectric fluid, we carry all of the essential consumables needed for small hole EDM. All of our products are customizable, and we make sure that you find the parts perfectly suited to the application at hand.

Our Products