About Our Company

The EDM Landscape

The most innovative industries have always contributed to the development of EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and have ensured EDM’s competitiveness against newer machining methods such as additive machining and laser drilling. But these industries were poorly served by suppliers, in large part companies whose primary strength lay in volume. Holepop was founded to fill that niche, providing customized EDM supplies for manufacturers on the leading edge of technological achievement.

Bespoke EDM

We represent the advent of a new kind of EDM supplier: bespoke EDM. We treat our supplies as a tailor treats a suit, and believe that when performance requirements are high, customized supplies are worth the extra effort. We approach all of our customers based on their needs, and try not to follow a template. Working closely with our customers and each other, we do not fail to find electrodes, guides, or other supplies perfectly tailored to the customer’s application.

Our Philosophy

We depend on our ability to adapt to the needs of our customers, and the solutions to our customers’ problems are often unique. But for all of our customers, we find ourselves looking to the same three principles for guidance: precision, integrity, and awareness.


Our customers value precision because they are in some of the most technologically demanding industries. A lack of precision in a jet engine or an artificial heart is simply not acceptable. This is why we value precision above all. Our standards and tolerances are never ambiguous, and we verify all orders for specified dimensions. With us, you always know what you are getting.


Our customers value integrity because they are in some of the most secretive industries. When technology is so cutting edge, intellectual theft can be irresistible to the competition. This is why we never ask for more information than we need, but will work to fulfill your specifications no matter how complex. With us, you always have a partner you can trust.


Our customers value awareness because they are in some of the most competitive industries. Companies engaged in EDM cannot tolerate downtime in manufacturing. Parts requirements must be anticipated. When they cannot be anticipated, ordered parts must arrive as soon as possible. This is why we make sure parts are stocked according to demand. Utilizing the just-in-time production system pioneered at Toyota, we can guarantee a minimal delay. With us, you know you will have the part you need when you need it.